Tierra A. Busby & Michael W. Frey

   We are a local family law firm providing individual attention to people and businesses in need of professional legal services. Our practice ranges from confidential consultations, legal document preparation, conflict negotiations to confident courtroom representation in the following areas:

  • Property Ownership Rights and Boundary Line Disputes: 
       Consult with Frey & Busby PLLC before making critical decisions that could permanently compromise your hard earned investments or damage relationships with your neighbors.
  • Planning or Administering a Family Trust or Estate:
       Allow Frey & Busby PLLC to assist you.  We can provide you with strategies to guard your legacy--or you may call upon us to assert your rights to a family estate, or to protect a loved one.  Even a simple office visit may save you from making critical miscalculations that cost you and your family hours of unnecessary stress and anxiety.
  • Juvenile Advocacy:
    Representation of a child’s interest in a legal matter can be critical to the welfare of a family.  Seek advice from Frey & Busby PLLC as to how best to protect young ones’ rights and interests.